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ArroganceArrogant is a word used to describe people who are successful without kissing ass to their inferiors.
CynicismCyncicism, as a state of mind, produces more accurate observations about the universe that practically any other.
DemocracyTake away the shephard and the sheep will follow wolves.
EducationEducation gives stupid people delusions of normalcy, normal people delusions of granduer, and intelligent people delusions of accomplishment. All three are meaningless.
EqualityWe know that people are stupid, and hope that we are intelligent individuals, and yet we cling to the idea of equality.
FailureThe most spectacular failures in the world are intelligent people that don't have the stomach to be heartlessly vicious.
FreedomPut a man in a palace, and convince him he is a prisoner; he will do anything to escape. Put a man in a dark cell, convince him is the lord of that space, and he will stay there content.
HellThe idea of Hell is based on the false assumption that there is a world worse than this one.
HonorThe instant that how you win becomes more important that simply winning, you are making a serious strategic mistake.
HopeHope is a disease that grows more deadly with every new evil that enters the world.
InsanityBoth madmen and geniuses see something that no one else does. The difference, of course, is whether or not it's actually there.
LifeAlways keep in mind that human life is valuable only to the owner, and perhaps a few majority stockholders.
MoralityThere are only two things that can truly drive a man beyond morality - overwhelming hatred, and true love.
PainPain is it's own loving way of telling you, that if you keep that up, you won't be able to enjoy its wonderful company much longer, since you'll be dead.
PityBetter to be hated for one's successes than pitied for one's mistakes.
PowerPower is a wonderful thing that people without it like to say corrupts people with it.
SchoolSchool a hundred years ago was about teaching children to repeat something they didn't understand. Today, it is about teaching them to repeat something they don't understand and convincing them that they do.
SpeechGive the average man the right to say whatever he wants to say and he will usually say whatever you want him to say.
SuccessNatural talent will abandon you, hard work will take you nowhere, and attitude will get you slapped upside the head.
TryingThere are times when the only way to accomplish something is to stop trying.
VengeanceAllow individuals to seek their own revenge on criminals; they, at least, do it out of hatred. The government does the same thing because they fear the competition.
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