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Quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
(1899 - 1996)

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CriticsAny time something is written against me, I not only share the sentiment but feel I could do the job far better myself. Perhaps I should advise would-be enemies to send me their grievances beforehand, with full assurance that they will receive my every aid and support. I have even secretly longed to write, under a pen name, a merciless tirade against myself.
EnglishmenIn life, he suffered from a sense of unreality, as do many Englishmen.
IntelectThere is no intellectual exercise which is not ultimately useless.
Misc.The Falklands thing was a fight between two bald men over a comb.
- (Argentinean writer and poet)
PoetryThere are people who barely feel poetry, and they are generally dedicated to teaching it.
YouthOf course, like all young men, I tried to be as unhappy as I could - a kind of Hamlet and Raskolnikov rolled into one.
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