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Quotes by Otis Beck

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AssassinationAssassination, n. A form of censorship that can be enforced with a bullet or by the stroke of a pen.
GodIf God chooses every nation's leaders, that is not because He believes they can do the job. That gesture shows that He has a great sense of humor.
LibertyLiberty coming from a foreign nation is a dictatorship dressed as a woman.
MankindMost men are morons. Women are much better; they are fools.
PatriotismPatriotism is often used as a shelter for the thoughtless, arrogant, and greedy.
RealismRealist, n. A person who stands somewhere between an optimist and a pessimist.
RelationshipsIf you are trying to build a relationship with someone who tells you that he or she has issues, don't subscribe. You're not building newstands.
ReligionThe way Satan and his minions conspired for mankind to lose faith was that they created religion.
WorkJob- a term used to describe most people in the civilized world today: just over broke.
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