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Quotes about Authority

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George CarlinI have the same authority as the Pope. I just don't have the same number of people who believe me.
Golda Meir
(1898 - 1978)
Authority poisons everybody who takes authority on himself.
John Alejandro King a.k.a. The Covert ComicQuestion authority ask authority if it's lost weight or been working out recently, because it's really looking great.
John Alejandro King a.k.a. The Covert ComicWhat is authority without accountability and how can I get a bunch?
Judge JudySince I'm the judge, it's a very stupid thing to irritate me.
King, John Alejandro
(~1958 - )
Timothy Leary said: "Think for yourself and question authority." The second half of that statement got made into a bumper sticker. ... Whatever happened to the first?
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