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Ambrose Bierce
(1842 - 1914)
Bore, n.: A person who talks when you wish him to listen.
Bert Leston TaylorA bore is a man who, when you ask him how he is, tells you.
Don Marquis
(1878 - 1937)
Bores bore each other too, but it never seems ot teach them anything.
Dr. Samuel Johnson
(1707 - 1784)
He is not only dull himself, he is the cause of dullness in others.
Dylan Thomas
(1914 - 1953)
Someone's boring me. I think it's me.
Ellen ParrThe cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
Francois deLa Rochefoucauld
(1613 - 1680)
We often forgive those who bore us, bur we cannot fogive those whom we bore.
John UpdikeA healthy male adult bore consumes each year one and a half times his own weight in other people's patience.
Oscar Wilde
(1854 - 1900)
Bore: a man who is never unintentionally rude.
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