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Quotes about Doubt

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H. L. Mencken
(1880 - 1956)
Men become civilized, not in proportion to their willingness to believe, but in their readiness to doubt.
Hungarian ProverbThe believer is happy; the doubter is wise.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(1749 - 1832)
Strictly speaking, you only know when you know little. Doubt grows with knowledge.
John Alejandro King
(1958 - )
Secret #3311.596. When in doubt, stay there.
John Alejandro King a.k.a. The Covert ComicWhen in doubt, doubt likes it if you talk dirty to her.
Oscar Wilde
(1854 - 1900)
To believe is very dull. To doubt is intensely engrossing. To be on the alert is to live, to be lulled into security is to die.
Wilson MizneI respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education.
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